Personal Work

After four years in the art school, I have finally discovered the themes that move me most. Being a twenty-something in this economy and society seems like it would be a slice of pie, but when you are working to pay your bills, enrolled in school full time and trying to your best to cover loans pulled out for tuition, being 22 is not fun or games: it is struggling to find a balance between loving yourself and doing what is required of you to get by; it is a fine line between sane and insane, lost and found, exhausted and rejuvenated.

It is in this lifestyle that I have found beauty in the most mundane and hideous places. This is also the time in my life where I have learned to lean heavily on my morals to keep my nose above water. Focusing on my Libertarian values, southern upbringing, and the importance of family, I have been inspired to capture my daily life and find inspiration in my monotonous, and oftentimes melancholy, surroundings.


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