Kaitlynn Mockett

Kaitlynn MockettLong ago, photography was defined as writing with light. I suppose I agree with that definition. Sometimes photographs capture what words cannot, solidify memories you might otherwise forget, and bring to life parts of us we may not have known existed. I love photography because I love humans and the emotions they create. It is not my goal to make a fortune, but to break even knowing that I have made someone smile, laugh, cry or remember. At my age, photography should not be about becoming wealthy. It is about experience, practice, growing up and defining who you are and sharing your sense of self through your talents. As far as making a future of this hobby, I already am. I have altered my plans and discovered parts of me that have led me in a different direction. This love has already changed me, and I hope it will give you something as well.

My favorite color is purple, plum in particular. I love to make any kind of art, but especially enjoy watercolors and mixed media. I have to mute my music when I’m writing. I’ve traveled to thirty-four states, Alaska being one. I like making people laugh and watching individuals in their element. Compassion is the most inspiring emotion to me. The letter I like writing best is “z.” I’m clumsy and play with my words. I’ll be a Trekkie until the day I die. I plan to help people see just how beautiful they are without any help or alterations.

I capture human emotion and make that my overall goal rather than posed, stiff photographs. I would not call my portraits traditional; they are genuine. Allow me to capture you in your purest form.


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