6 Months

Hi, Mockingbirds. I know we all love visual blog posts (especially on a photography webpage) but I wanted to take a few minutes to get real and personal.

Some of you know me like the back of your hand (maybe even down to the tendons underneath), some of you are acquaintances, others I have never even met. All of you are or have been on the hunt for a photographer, and all of your wants are different. Somehow, though, so many of you find a common interest in my work, and for that I am so terribly grateful.

On the New Year this time around, I decided to avoid “resolutions” and stick with “goals.” I knew “resolution” would be too rock solid — too fierce and too strict and once I failed, I would submit to my lack of self-discipline and will-power. I hoped goals would help me work toward something, without a deadline or a weekly expectation. One of these goals was to improve my photography, both technically and conceptually. Being a portrait photographer seems to be a pretty basic concept to most, capturing what is tangible and real. However, things evolve, even if you do not intend for them to. Over and over again I have heard from my clients “you get what I am feeling. I can see what I am feeling!” My heart overflows with gratitude. I have reached a point in my photographic career where I feel comfortable in using my sense of perception to guide a session, a wedding, or a personal series. I have also discovered a new sense of self-worth, from experience and the showering of love from my clients… from you.

In 6 short months, I have unearthed a muse — she is one that has many faces, takes all forms and brings something magical to my images: reality. The opposite of what most think they wish for in pictures, I have discovered a way to pull out a piece of all of you and capture it forever. The only way I have been able to do this is by your trust in me. If you didn’t open up, if you didn’t relax, if you didn’t kick off your shoes and step in the mud or accept the rain, if you didn’t laugh at my retarded jokes and if you didn’t love the one you’re with, if you didn’t have a bit of faith in yourself, all of this would have been impossible.

Through all of you, I have discovered greater, better, stronger parts of me. Strength to accept who I am, behind or in front of a camera. I have developed confidence in my concepts and found the ability to make art based on my personal experiences and my experiences with you. I have found a place where I feel safe while simultaneously reaching out and exploring uncharted territory. All of you have been my mirrors, reflecting who you are and also what I find beautiful in you.

I will keep on keeping on, exploring both the light and the dark, the easy and the difficult, and I want you to embark on this journey with me. I hope that all of you will not forget you are the reason I still change my lenses and charge my batteries. Anyone can take a photo (and I do mean literally anyone), but few can capture what is already there and transcend it.

You bring me tears of joy. There is nothing better than relishing in the fruits of our labor, trust and love. I hope each of you know that you can expect my very best at any given time; I have invested myself in each of you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Year one self-portrait.

Year one self-portrait.

Year five of self-portraits

Year five of self-portraits


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