#58 Jenn and Caddis

Jenn and Caddis were a perfect match. Before they even met, their boss knew they would be wonderful together. A perfect combination of quirk, steampunk, love and soft-spokenness, Jenn and Caddis are a sweet pair. Personalized vows were exchanged on the bank of the lake at Hard Labor Creek State Park in Rutledge, GA on the 20th of October. Warm weather and sunshine was on our side as the bridal party finished decorating the hall and got ready in their cabins. Jenn and her bridesmaids made all the decorations themselves, set up a candy bar and a good friend of the groom, Justin, cooked dinner for over 80 guests. I took the golden opportunity of a steampunk wedding and dressed the part. Helping with last minute decorations, plugging up the iPod and helping the girls with their zippers, this wedding was an excellent combination of sass, alternative lifestyles, great food and a wonderful gathering of family and friends.

Jenn and Caddis Wedding Jenn and Caddis7 Jenn and Caddis8 Jenn and Caddis9 Jenn and Caddis10 Jenn and Caddis11 Jenn and Caddis12 Jenn and Caddis13 Jenn and Caddis14 Jenn and Caddis15 Jenn and Caddis16 Jenn and Caddis17 Jenn and Caddis18 Jenn and Caddis19 Jenn and Caddis20 Jenn and Caddis21 Jenn and Caddis23 Jenn and Caddis25 Jenn and Caddis26 Jenn and Caddis27 Jenn and Caddis28 Jenn and Caddis29 Jenn and Caddis30 Jenn and Caddis31









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