Teale and Joey

Teale and I went to Berry College together for a year. I found her to be a wonderful person, someone I could laugh with, easily talk to, revel in the simple things (breakfast at D-hall) and she was someone who appreciated the smaller parts of me. Neither of us continued at Berry after that first year and were just too busy to make time to catch up. A couple of months ago she contacted me, informing me that her and Joey were engaged and she wanted me to photograph for them! Needless to say I was thrilled! Not only was I getting the opportunity to catch up with a long-lost friend, but also to meet the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. I’d say that’s an honor.
Teale and Joey are sassy, spunky and fun, filled with energy, passion and patience. Joey is everything I could have wanted for Teale: kind, hilarious, affectionate and a great listener. It warmed my heart to see two people so happy together and to hear their story. Everything fell into place at the right time, making it clear that they are meant to be.

I once read on the inside of a book the following quote:

“every love is the same love as before but in a different dress.”

If there is one thing this job has taught me, it is confirmation that quote is false. Every love is different. It blows my mind in the very best way. Take a look at Teale and Joey’s love:


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