#49 – Jeff and Marjorie Tie the Knot

Jeff, a quiet, kind man and Marjorie, a sweet, genuine school teacher, sealed the deal June 30th of this year. The combining of two lively and rambunctious families left me in the midst of an exciting but intimate wedding. Held at Washington Grass Inn in Greensboro, the ceremony started at 2:00 and was followed by a reception filled with good nibbles, echoing laughter and the pitter patter of children’s feet. Jeff and Marjorie danced around the room, glowing with happiness and exchanging smiles with the small group that means the most. Family traveled from near and far to witness their marriage and I was honored to partake in the celebration of a fine-fitting pair. Congratulations, Jeff and Marjorie Atkinson! I wish you all the best as your lives become intertwined.


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