#46 Molly and JH are FINALLY hitched!

This is the first couple I have gone through the entire wedding process for: Engagements, Rehearsal Dinner, and Wedding. I could never have asked for a more perfect pair to start things off right.

JH and Molly are two of the sweetest, most clever and easy-going people I have ever met. When Molly contacted me shortly after the announcement of their engagement in September, I was thrilled to hear she wanted me to meet them in Atlanta on the Georgia Tech campus for their photographs. It was one of the first couple sessions I had done (and honestly, the first engagement session) where I felt completely at ease, confident and comfortable. I was able to joke, be silly, make unnecessary comments… I was able to be myself around them and they completely embraced my awkward sense of humor and way of photographing. The photos that resulted from that session are to this day still some of my absolute favorites. I was so proud of finally being able to make that kind of connection with two people and delivering a product they loved.

Shortly after receiving their digital negatives, Molly emailed me and asked me to photograph their wedding. I accepted without hesitation and felt honored to have a client entrust me with taking the next important step. They truly made me feel like a professional. She treated me with respect, they were timely in their requests, always responded to my questions or comments, provided me with all the information I needed plus some, and saw me as not only a photographer, but a friend.

The wedding was held at Burge Plantation in rural Mansfield, Georgia. Family and friends flew from afar (mostly Virginia/Northeast) to party at this perfect sweet and southern celebration. The day was planned and there was no question or confusion as to where I would be or what time things were happening — everything went perfectly. The weather was a balmy low-to-mid 80’s in the middle of a Georgia June (which, by the way folks, is totally unheard of), the sky was a deep, clear blue and the stars were smiling on this fabulous couple late into the night.  All the family was full of love and laughter, all displaying their appreciation of my presence at this big day.

Molly and JH are undoubtedly meant to be together with their nerdy and quick witted sense of humor, blonde hair, bright eyes and huge hearts. I send my love out to them and wish them the best as they begin their wonderful life together.

Here’s the first peek at his gorgeous bride. This expression is priceless!


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