Hi, everyone!

It has been a HOT summer already! We’re already creeping into the month of June and I can’t believe it! A lot is happening this month, the biggest being Molly and John Henry’s wedding on the 16th! I decided to be brave and rent two lenses for this wedding: a 85mm tilt shift and a 24-70mm. I requested them two days prior to the wedding so I could get them in and figure out how they work. I am stoked about the tilt-shift lens. I love the way they work for weddings. One of my favorite photographers, Benj Haisch, uses them pretty often. :)

This month I also have a senior session booked, along with a maternity session! My printed portfolio is coming in tomorrow

and I finally got some CDs printed:

Life lately has been great. Business has picked up dramatically (thank you all SO much, you are to blame!) and last Sunday I actually photographed one of our Georgia senators! I’m posting previews within the next three days! Last week I also shot an event for the corporation who invented bubble wrap. Did you know it was originally made to keep ice cream cool and safe during shipping? Crazy!

I’ve had quite a bit of R&R lately. I took a trip to Edisto Beach with two of my favorite girls:

I have a weekend trip planned in Jekyll island near the end of June. Next week I’m nailing down a workout routine and getting back to eating healthy. Having my dad home has been hard! After being in Israel where the food is so different and limited and… well, Kosher, he wants to eat the worst things when he comes home: Mexican, BBQ, hot wings, pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs. Then every time he packs up for his return voyage, he is always sure to go buy 8 o’ clock coffee and about two huge jars of Duke’s mayo. Believe it. Crazy what some people miss when they’re away. Hahah!

Just wanted to pop in and tell everyone hi, hello, howdy! Hope you are staying cool in this hot weather. Make sure all of you take time for yourself this summer, even if it’s twenty minutes of reading a night (by the way, just finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo… just as good as everyone claims it is. Read it!). Shoot me an email if you guys have any questions or comments!

Stay excellent.


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