Sheesh, it’s been ages, hasn’t it?

Currently sitting in the UGA library; life has been just… I recently had a conversation that reminded me that life is not supposed to be fair, so I can say that I feel like life’s punches are justified, and I’m still trying to roll with them.

Photography wise, things are picking up. I have two very wonderful friends that have recently been informed they are pregnant, both having boys! I just finished a maternity session this weekend, and hopefully I have two more to be scheduled soon! I am doing a collaborative wedding with Aaron Ogletree, a close friend of mine, on March 24th. It will be an evening wedding at a plantation; beautiful I’m sure! As always, Laura Greenich and I are on a rampage with our photo taking; she is constantly challenging me and teaching me new tricks. So fortunate to have her to educate me.

So I am thinking of gathering a few local photographers and doing either a mini photoshoot, or a sort of “how to use my camera” workshop, especially for parents! What do you guys think of that?

Stay warm and stay excellent.


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