Greetings, my Mockingbirds.

Welcome to 2012! Supposedly it’s our last year of existence, so I plan to make it an incredible one! ;) I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and hopefully a few relaxing days off work.

I’m considering two things: a contest of some sort in which the prize would be a free photo session (mostly for clientele build and to gather more followers), and offering boudoir sessions for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if the contest is going to be couple or child oriented… I could technically do both. Which do you think would be more successful?

I just want to share this with everyone: Maroon 5 and Spice Girls Pandora stations are the absolute best to listen to for getting pumped up and motivated. :) Today I have been tackling my room and cleaning out the junk for the new year. I encourage you to give them a listen sometime.

I’m considering taking a few photography classes at The Showcase School or with SCAD Atlanta this semester. I really want to develop my technical skills even more than I have the past few months. Sometimes having someone explain things to me is easier for me to comprehend than trying to figure it out myself.

Just wanted to say hi. :)



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