The world spins madly on.

These past few weeks have been chaos! It’s only days before Christmas and it’s sixty degrees here in Georgia. I’m hoping for either a very mild winter, or a progressively cooler one. However, I have a feeling it will be neither. Probably Monday of next week, the temperature will drop to a high of 30’s, I’ll get a cold, and shiver my way through March. Such is life.

I’m running a winter special through January 24. For those of you that live locally, visit Gallery in the Grove Cafe for more details. I have a display there and it gives the necessary information for entering.

This Christmas is definitely a DIY Christmas… It’s proving to be a bit of a challenge, but I’m excited nonetheless. There’s something about handmade gifts that means so much to me.

As you can tell, I recently did a sibling session for Caitlin Hall and her brothers Ben and Luke. Christmas Eve morning, I am doing a session with the Richards kids. :) I’m very excited! We’re doing the session in Madison. Such a pretty town. And it will be early in the morning, so I’m hoping the weather will be fair to us.

I met with Molly on Monday of this week and we signed her contract. I am so excited about this wedding! Her and her fiance are such sweet, pure, and wonderful people. Laura and I are determined to make this our best wedding yet!

Hopefully I’ll blip in pre-Christmas. Until then, stay sane, stay comfy, stay excellent. Heart all my Mockingbirds.



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