#28 – update!

Hello all my beautiful Mockingbirds. :)

This is an update-on-life post. The current life climate is high in serious stress, but beautiful all the same. Finals are coming up in a few weeks, my right eye has been twitching for about three days now and I’ve been told I shouldn’t be having caffeine or coffee… so you can imagine my suffering! ;)

I’ve had a few sessions recently that have just been truly inspiring. I love collaborating with the ever-wonderful Laura Lee Greenich — she is a true artist in every way and her creativity is always so moving. Coming up, I’m doing a Christmas family session for the Knapp family and I’ve also been booked for a wedding in June of next year for Molly and John Henry! I am extremely excited.

Andrea Lea of Embody studio in Covington and I have decided to join together and do a fall “pic and play” where we have a set time frame we will be available to photograph anyone’s children or family members for a defaulted fee, and we will mail out a CD with all the digital images to the home address. More details will follow! :)

I hope you guys are ready for the holiday season (because I sure am!) I think I may be participating in Help Portrait this year! More details to come on that as well.

Stay warm, stay happy, stay excellent.


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