Howdy, everyone.

Things have been pretty hectic lately, but life is treating me well. :) Bella Baby Photography is fabulous in every way, and I cannot wait to show my experience to my clients with newborn children. I have learned so much! Last week I went to IKEA and found a fabulous basket for a good price! I am thinking of contacting a friend of mine and asking her to knit a few blankets for me. I really want to get photographically involved with every aspect of life, from beginning to end.

In other news, I’ve scheduled classes for Fall semester and it’s going to be a busy one. I have three studio art courses; it’s insane, but I’m excited all the same. :) Then in the Spring, I’ll be transferring. I’m not certain where I will be, but I know it will open up a whole new array of photography locations! :)

Wednesday I am photographing the Knapp family. Two little girls that are going to be absolutely precious! I’m very excited.

I also ordered new business cards. I’ll show you what they look like:

They should be delivered in the next week or two. I’m pretty excited! I just hope they turn out in good quality.

I have considered starting a 365 project, but I haven’t made up my mind yet. It’s a serious commitment, and I’ve already failed at doing it once. I just need to make sure I can handle it and do it properly and whole-heartedly. How many of you have completed a 365 project?

Keep an eye out for photos posted on Wednesday from the Knapp family session. I have a few more sessions booked for later in August. I’m very excited!

Thanks for reading, folks. :) I hope you are staying cool in this ridiculous Georgia weather.



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