Current Discounts!

Hi, guys!

From now until August 21, 8 hours of wedding coverage is only $450! Also, senior portraits are $25 a session until the first week of August! Let’s schedule now!

I’m considering revamping this website and taking my social outlets seriously. I haven’t been adamant about updating or keeping things consistent, so I’m going to do my best to change that.

I’ve been inspired a good bit lately. I’ve started my contract with Bella Baby Photography and love it so much. I never thought I’d find/get a job doing what I love so close to home or so early in my life. I’m so fortunate! :)

I attended the Sunflower Festival in Rutledge, GA this past weekend and felt the urge to have a booth of my own at upcoming festivals. Stay posted for further details.

Also, I’ve found a way to show my work through I’ve created an awesome photo book that will be used as a portable portfolio. :) I’m very excited about getting to order it!

I hope you guys had a safe and wonderful Fourth of July weekend. Keep cool and put on that sunscreen! More to come soon.



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