I’ve been doing quite a good bit of work lately. Summer is finally here… I only have two weeks to relish in laziness before it’s back to the grinder. But I’m not complaining too much. I prefer to be busy rather than idle. Finals went well and I’ve done nothing useful this past week. This week is going to be much different.

I’ve done numerous sessions recently. I will say it feels good to be back in the game. :) Please keep an eye out for photos of Lyndsey Wood as a pixie, Laura Greenich as a Native American, and Amanda Summers’ construction of a modeling portfolio. Jodi Walden and I have our first big wedding in two weeks and both of us are so excited and anxious. I know it will be a blast and I feel confident that we will make a killer team. :)

I also have a group photo session scheduled for June 3rd. I’m not certain how many of you have seen Tangled, but we are planning to create floating lanterns for an evening session. :) I’m stoked.

Either way, I’m an awful blogger but there is always a chance to change that. I feel that chance is now. :) Keep in touch, Mockingbirds. Thank you so much for your endless support.

– Kait


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